Our philosophy is based around truly understanding and respecting what the architect or client wants to achieve

We appreciate building can be very stressful. It can be a long process, very emotional, cost large sums of money that’s been saved or borrowed, sometimes for an once-in-a-lifetime project, and possibly the most expensive thing a home owner will ever do. We know much of that stress is caused by uncertainty, so we are clear with our communication, flexible in our approach, and transparent in our costing.

It’s a safe bet that Ewer Constructions will never be the cheapest price offered. That’s not just because we don’t cut corners, it is our ability to accurately price the work presented to us, to identify and anticipate potential issues and allow for those, and our deep experience in the industry which means we know how much it costs to do the things clients want. We take pride in the detail and thoroughness of our costing, our ability to price accurately, and the fact that we deliver within budget and our clients do not experience unexpected cost blowouts.

The building process is never perfect, but the end product can be. It’s how a builder works with you to understand and interpret your vision, how flexible they can be in their approach, and whether they are experienced and smart enough to know how to deliver the solutions you need that makes all the difference.

ewer constructions equals confidence.

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